Draconifors is legendary Deref from Kingdom Fantasy with enough power to destroy Gaia.


Darconifors is the mythical dragon Deref, the king of Dereves. No one actually has seen him nor summoned him, the truth is... no one could. Draconifors isn't just a Deref, but yes a floating island with a massive destructing power.

Metens manage to awake Draconifors, though his plans are destroyed by Ian and his companions.

Note: Draconifors is a Deref that doesn't have any summoning orb.


"Draco" is Latin for "dragon".


  • In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban video game a spell called "Draconifors" exist: in PC version it allows to control small dragon statue.
  • Draconifors, along with Alack, Zeus and Gleq, is a Deref that has been appearing in almost all Kingdom Fantasies. His first appearance was in Kingdom Fantasy III (the old series), one of the numerous Dereves that Marta could control.