Leech Entity

Leech Entity is a beast-type enemy from Kingdom Fantasy. It can be encountered at Dontoria Coast and Glumat Volcano.


HP: 5890

MP: 234

Strength: 63

Spirit: 30

Defence: 26

Agility: 133

EXP: 7989

Lotus: 896

Drops: Glass Bracer (13%)

Elemental Immunities: Fire (x0.5); Ice (x0.5) Thunder (x0.0); Water (x0.5)

Elemental Weakness: None

Status Immunities: Poison (x(-0.5)); Blind (x0.0); Silence (x0.0); Confusion (x0.0); ATK up (x0.0); DEF up (x0.0)

Weapon Weakness: Gun (x2.0)

Abilities: Poison; Hypertension; Thunderbolt (if Party's level is above 29); Mana Drain; Staff attack


Use regular attacks against this monster. Keep your HP high because of its Thunderbolt magick.