Mages is an helden-type enemy from Kingdom Fantasy. It can be encountered at The Land of Never.


HP: 3878

MP: 213

Strength: 24

Spirit: 29

Defence: 24

Agility: 82

EXP: 3098

Lotus: 654

Drops: MP Seed (9%); Lotus Plant (25%)

Elemental Immunities: None

Elemental Weakness: None

Status Immunities: Poison (x0.0); Silence (x0.0); Confusion (x0.0); ATK up (x0.0); DEF up (x0.0)

Weapon Weakness: Gun

Abilities: Protection; Hypertension; Confuse; Mana Drain; Staff Attack; Paralyse


Caution with the powerfull magick attacks of that enemy. If you happen to have the magick Wall cast it in order to increase your Spirit (and magick defense). Use regular attacks against this opponent and keep your HP high.