Mallenor is coastal city in Kingdom Fantasy III. It is here where most of summoners live. It is located on far north-west corner of Equilibrium.


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Points of InterestEdit

Shopping AlleyEdit

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There are five shops in Mallenor. They sell weapons, armours, accessories, Magicks and items. Shopping Alley area looks like forest.

Enaide PlazaEdit

Enaide Plaza is central square in Mallenor resembling woods. Save Sphere is presented here as well.

Temple of LilithEdit

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Temple of Lilith is located north of Mallenor. Enaide Lilith resides here.


There is a port south of the city.


Word "Mallenor" come out of word "summoner" from Final Fantasy X's Al Bhed language. By translating English "summoner" into Al Bhed three times results in "mallenor".