Piramat Ruins are mysterious remainings, presumably a town, located on eastern coast of Latupa Continent. It is said that vestige is full of secrets. Ganbo Sage lives here and gives advices to those who come to her. The legend says that mighty warrior called Sengakuji lives here, as well.


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Time of SummonersEdit

The Piramat Ruins was an outpost constructed by the summoners, this is where the aprentice summoners used to come to finish their formation to earn the rank of fully fledged summoner. This is the only construction of the summoners, in the Latupa Continent, that remains almost intact.


Sage is the first person in Gaia to tell party directly that San is the summoner, not Ian as they thought. Asked for answers she advises them to visit Summonoria Ruins where they might find answers for their questions.


The SST used for the Piramat Ruins was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare and it's called "Sart Ruins", one of the Grandia OST.