KF - Ripley Ripley is a dragon-type enemy from Kingdom Fantasy. It can be encountered at Grumbra Tower - Underground, Carloa Cave (international version) and Remora Ruins.


HP: 45,423
MP: 238
Strength: 167
Spirit: 38
Defence: 35
Agility: 294
EXP: 11,004
Lotus: 789
Drops: Curative Potion (13%)
Elemental Affinities: Fire (x0.5); Ice (x0.5) Thunder (x0.5); Water (x0.5); Earth (x0.5); Wind (x0.5), Holy (x1.5)
Status Immunities: Death (x(-0.5)); Poison (x(-0.5)); Blind (x0.5); Silence (x0.0); Confusion (x0.0); Paralysis (x0.0) ATK up (x0.0); DEF up (x0.0)
Weapon Weakness: Gun
Abilities: Body Ram; Cataclism


Use regular attacks against him. Special technicks are also effective against that dragon. Don't forget to keep your HP high.