Summoner is person able to call Derefs, summons of Gaia. They are not allowed to love heldens.


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Young summoner Metens fell in love with helden girl. When his community learned about "illegal" love, they killed the girl, and expelled Metens. Metens in anger of summoners decided to destroy them. To fulfill his plan he allied with Erish Empire.

Metens led attack on Summonoria leaving no-one alive. Although a woman survived. She got to Ganbo and gave birth to a baby, San.

After the warEdit

Town full of summoners is located at Lost Continent. They are only souls from Summonoria Ruins, but maybe from other places as well[1].


  1. One of the summoners mentions he got there a week ago, but it also may mean that time passes not the way it passes on all Gaia.