Summonoria Ruins is the lost city of the summoners. It uncovers secrets of the ancient race that once lived in the world. No one lives there now, not even monsters. The ruins are covered with a big pile of snow making travel difficult.


Summonoria in Full SplendorEdit

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Before the war summoners used to live there. Thanks to its "high location", Summonoria was the "tower" the Latupa Continent, the summoners were always informed of any activity of the continent.

The temple of Summonoria is constructed with golden bars as an offering to the Derefs that they pray and summon. It is in this same temple that the young children study to be great summoners, after that they must finish their formation in the Piramat Ruins. The town was burned by Metens' forces during the war, destructed by its former mayor...

Stubborn at TruthEdit

Metens makes his first appearance to characters there, he trie to tell Ian and San that the girl is a summoner, but the party doesn't believe him.