Unkown Entity

Unknown Entity is a unknown-type enemy from Kingdom Fantasy. It can be encountered at Remora Deadlands and The Lands of Never.


HP: 3890

MP: 321

Strength: 66

Spirit: 22

Defence: 29

Agility: 79

EXP: 3544

Lotus: 543

Drops: Red Hat (25%)

Elemental Immunities: Fire (x0.0); Thunder (x0.0); Water (x0.0); Earth (x0.0); Wind (x0.0); Holy (x0.0)

Elemental Weakness: Ice (x1.5)

Status Immunities: Death (x0.0); Poison (x0.0); Blind (x0.5); Silence (x0.0); Confusion (x0.0)

Weapon Weakness: None

Abilities: Attack; Burn; Boost


Don't use Gleron's gun it won't do any good to that monster, Use regular attacks and ice based magicks.